90 from the 90's

Because I turned left.

I may have just
my life up by turning left.

by turning left
I cut someone off.
I changed the person's mood behind me.
they could have been happy thinking
about something else, but now
I pissed them off.

this mood change could have changed the way
they think and will change what they have to say
when they get where they are going.

change the words that they say to their friends.
They may then, in turn, influence their friends
to behave in a manner
that they wouldn't have if
I hadn't cut someone off.

this other person is now upset
I cut someone off.

this person, who is now upset,
may now call in sick to work
(these things happen)
the manager of this place
gets mad because the person
called in sick.
the next time the person goes
to work they have a fight with
the manager.
the manager fires this person.
because I cut someone off.

Elsewhere there is a girl
who is looking for a job
and she applies to this place
and the manager hires her
because he just fired someone
because I cut someone off.

A few weeks down the road
I meet this girl
and ask her on a date
but she can't go out because
she has to work late
in fact, she has to work all week
and I never go out with her
(I could have married her).

I may have just
my life up because I turned left.